Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Williamstown, Victoria

White tyre swans meet black swans in Williamstown.

photo by Cathy Parry 2003


photo by Sarah, in Tasmania. No other info I'm afraid.

tyre swans

tyre swans

Castlemaine, Victoria

Found at a second hand place, long gone, near Bendigo Tip. 10 years ago, $5.

Tyre Swan
Tyre Swan

Langwarrin, Victoria

Hi Ron.

I always wanted a tyre swan and was lucky enough to be given a forlorn specimen. I just finished restoring it, grinding decades of paint layers off, repainting and giving it new life as a much needed herb planter. My 8 year old has named him Herbet and he was just completed and planted last night!. He was found in Bayswater Vic and has found a forever home with us in Langwarrin Vic.
Here are some before and after pics.
PS...Need to find him a mate...it's hard to stop at one!