Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sabrina, Ballarat, 2006

Sabrina was made in response to a desperate request from John. She was given as a gift to his friend in Ballarat. Her Ballarat name is unknown.

year: 2006
current location: a garden in Ballarat VIC
tyre: vespa

tyre swan

tyre swan

tyre swan

tyre swan
all photos by Cathy Parry 2006 

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Yvonne said...

hello ....i was so pleased to find this information on rubber swans ...i have 3 they are wonderful ....i aquired one last week i saw it 10 years ago in a garden in tasmania ...happened to be passing on impulse stopped and asked if i could buy it it for 5 dollars friends think i am a bit weird always loved them ...and still looking i know where there are two ...on the road to hobart have to go in to the house and see if they will sell them ...i am an artist and had planned to do an installation of a 100 or more in the park ....a work in progress .